Never Been to War

“Never Been to War”

Music Video by Derek Selinger | Song by Keith Kitchen

Derek Selinger, Filmmaker, Never Been to War
Derek Selinger, Filmmaker, Never Been to War
Derek Selinger, Filmmaker, Never Been to War

A song of gratitude and innocence, afforded to us because of the sacrifices of others.

From the Director…

“Never Been to War” is a deeply touching and moving song. As the lyrics call “but I have never been to war”, we reflect that the gift of freedom and innocence is one that has been earned with great difficulty, suffering and loss.  I am speaking, of course, of our service members and veterans. Because – while they have gone to war, most of us have not.


With the support of the Royal Canadian Legion and Canadian Armed Forces Service Members, we were able to create a piece of film that attempts to honour our Veterans and Service Members and express our deep gratitude to them. As a Canadian filmmaker, this piece was also timely as 2017 marked Canada’s 150th birthday. We have been spending the entire year reflecting on what it means to be Canadian through celebrations across the country, including remembering this great price that has been paid. “Never Been to War” captures this important sentiment and theme for us all not only in Canada as we reflect on our heritage this year, but around the world as there is not one nation that is untouched by war in some way. The freedom to create art and experience the amazing vistas seen in the film, is also a direct result of others paying this great price.


My hope is that through this film we are reminded of the courage and sacrifice of service members and all those that stand in the gap, so that none are ever forgotten.



Keith Kitchen – Singer/Songwriter ( 

Connor Chau – Drums

Larissa Chau – Backup Singer


Bob Sonntag – Executive Producer

Derek Selinger – Director, Co-Producer, Editing and Cinematography

Cora Selinger – Producer

Jessica Rondeau – Assistant Director

Yvette Pontuschka – Cinematography

Canadian Armed Forces Veterans

John D. Bertram

William Fallon

Chris Lefaivre

L. (Tex) Leugner

Dan McLean

Tom McMahon

Philip MacAulay

John Melbourne

Delbert Seymour

Darrin Walker

Special Thanks

The Honourable Kent Hehr and Team:

Jamie Zuffa and Sarah Nasser

Marie Blackburn

Tanis Lefaivre

Susan MacAulay

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #1 – Calgary

Kitty Aalders

Maris Kuenen

Michael Dytynyshyn